Andy’s Online Writings…

Christianity Today

“Dispatches from the Wondrous, Terrifying World of Biblical Scholarship.” Review of I (Still) Believe, edited by J. Byron and J. Lohr.

“Our Love Affair with the Letter “i.” Review of Craig Detweiler’s iGods

“Saving the Psalms: N.T. Wright Urges the Church to Stop Neglecting Jesus’ Prayer Book,” (Interview by Andrew Byers)

“Spirituality Starts in the Pews,”Review of Lillian Daniel’s When “Spiritual but Not Religious” is Not Enough


Relevant Magazine

“Sandy Hook: One Year Later”

“Three Lies Entertainment Tells us About Sex”

“Confessions of a Prude”

“We Need Boring Christians”

“Is Christianity Anti-Intellectual?”

“How to be a Realist without Losing Your Soul”

“A Personal Response to the Tsunamis”


And elsewhere…

“The Embodied God and the Disembodied Age: How the Incarnation Informs our 21st Century Media Practices,” The Other Journal

“Have Yourselves a Merry Dark Christmas,” The Gospel Coalition

“John the Baptist and Celebrity Culture,” The Gospel Coalition

“Religion and Zombifixation: In Need of Flesh and Blood,” Mockingbird

“Hope for Center-Stage Cynics,” The Gospel Coalition

“Embracing Hopeful Realism: Why Idealism is a Farce and Cynicism a Dead End,” The Gospel Coalition