I brought home the bound copy of my doctoral thesis over a year ago just after my viva. When I placed it on the kitchen table—253 pages of A4—my wife made this observation:

“That is the most expensive book we own.”

So right. I have paid for many books in my life. Never will I pay more for a book than the price paid to write the PhD thesis, a book of my own authorship.

It is, however, a very satisfying delight to hold some product in one’s hand after three years of enormous sacrifice. When a book moves from a Word or PDF document into the reified form of a codex, there is a wondrous sense of accomplishment (even if it seems that the thing should be bigger, thicker, heavier, denser!).

And it is even more satisfying (vindicating, even) to report that my thesis will exist not only in the form of a printed version of the Word doc—that is, the copy of pages printed out in haste at the Durham University library, bound by a local printer, and now sitting on my desk—but in the form of a monograph published by Cambridge University Press. My thesis will appear this summer in sky blue, the color that wraps each book in the Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series.

I could hardly be more grateful.

What is it about? What did I devote so much time, energy, and resources to produce? I will understand if your curiosity is not piqued to a fevered pitch—PhD theses, of course, are not the reading material of choice for most folks. But if you are into that kind of thing, I will give a brief overview soon.

For now, I will offer the provisional title (and it’s a humdinger): “Johannine Theosis: The Narrative Ecclesiology of Participation and Deification in the Gospel of John.”

(Yeah, I know… you can hardly wait to read it, right?).


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  1. Wow Andy. Congratulations. I would very much like to read it. Even makes me a little envious… I am happy for you though. David

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