I report with trembling and gratitude that I will soon begin serving as the “Free Church Tutor and Teaching Fellow” at Cranmer Hall theological college, an historically Anglican seminary housed within St John’s College at Durham University. The job will be part-time as the application process begins for a full-time work visa in the UK, a process that can take several weeks.

The creation of this post signifies Cranmer Hall’s new initiative in offering theological education and ministerial training to non-Anglican churches here in the North East of England. In this “Free Church” tradition, aspiring ministers here in a spiritually impoverished region of the UK often go to “the South” (of England) for their seminary education. As “Tutor” (a lecturer with pastoral responsibilities over a handful of assigned students), I will be working alongside other faculty and staff at Cranmer Hall (particularly with the Wesley Study Centre) to teach theology and biblical studies both at St Johns and hopefully out and about within partner churches. As “Teaching Fellow,” I will be available on behalf of Cranmer Hall as a preacher and teacher for area churches with the hopes of building lasting partnerships for addressing ministerial development needs.

A number of details remain to be sorted (the nature of my work as chaplain at St Mary’s, our housing situation, and the imminent event of my viva, et. al.). But for now, I report that the Byers family is very excited.

And so honored.

[If you are in the Free Church tradition here in the North East of England, and interested in theological education, give me shout!]


5 thoughts on “I have a Job…”

  1. Congratulations, Andy! Thrilled for you and your family. Looks like you all get to stay abroad for a bit longer. Wonderful testimony to your hard work and balanced perspective. So proud of you and for you.

  2. Yay!! We are so proud and excited for you. I imagine the Byers family will enjoy some more time in the UK as you all seem to be flourishing there. Congratulations. Much love from the Campbell’s! xox

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