Dear readers…

My blog writing has dwindled from irregular posts to blankness. I am in the final throes of writing my PhD thesis, so my energies are getting channeled to the end of submitting 100,000 of what I hope is solid work. My sporadic use of social media has mostly been tabled (and to be honest, that has been rather nice).

For those of you interested (and don’t feel bad if you are not), here is the thesis title:

“Johannine Theosis: The Fourth Gospel’s Narrative Ecclesiology of Participation and Deification”

I will explain more eventually. For now, I am pleased to report that I just finished the introductory chapter. After I finish combing through the 100,000 words, revising here and there, I will submit a draft to my supervisor (within a few days). After taking his final suggestions into account, I will then print this massive Word doc, bind it, and mail it to the yet to be confirmed examiners. A “viva” (oral defense) awaits later in the summer.

Regular writing here at Hopeful Realism will resume eventually. But probably after this exciting and grueling season comes to an end.

Thanks to those of you who have kept checking in!


2 thoughts on “The PhD: Nearing Completion”

  1. Actually, Johannine Theosis really turns me on! Though for me the question is the relation between Theosis & my deeply flawed Self. Do my flaws inform how I understand Theosis or are they something that I must cast aside in order to achieve it? I could go on (at some length!) but will leave it at that.
    I collected Bethan from St Mary’s on Saturday. First year over. Thank you for your contribution to her wellbeing in the past year. I know that she enjoyed weekly Evensong in the College Chapel & with her sister choosing to get confirmed at Easter we have had some good talks. She is looking forward to joining the choir in Nice next week.
    Much power to your thesis writing over the summer,

  2. Thanks for those comments, Stephen! More on Johannine Theosis will come here at the blog, but I am encouraged to here of your interest in how it works personally, and not in an abstract way. And yes, it has been great having Bethan involved! Blessings on your summer…

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