Cascade Books emailed to let me know that my theology of media book is now available from their customer service department (via email). The book can be pre-ordered from their website. And I discovered that the Kindle edition is available now at (not… not yet, at least). Amazon will be carrying the paperback version within the next 6–8 weeks.

TheoMedia: The Media of God and the Digital Age

Here is the “blurb” describing what the book is about:

The church is unsure of itself in the twenty-first century’s media culture. Some Christians denounce digital media while others embrace the latest gadgets and apps as soon as they appear. Many of us are stumbling along amidst the tweets, status updates, podcasts, and blog posts, wondering if we have ventured into a realm beyond the scope of biblical wisdom.

Though there is such a thing as “new media,” Andrew Byers reminds us that the actual concept of media is ancient, theological, and even biblical. In fact, there is such a thing as the media of God. “TheoMedia” are means by which God communicates and reveals himself—creation, divine speech, inspired writings, the visual symbol of the cross, and more.

Christians are actually called to media saturation. But the media that are to most prominently saturate our lives are the media of God.

If God creates and uses media, then Scripture provides a theological logic by which we can create and use media in the digital age. This book is not an unqualified endorsement of the latest media products or a tirade against media technology. Instead, Byers calls us to rethink our understanding of media in terms of the media of God in the biblical story of redemption.

Using social media to spread news about a book offering a biblical theology of social media will be an interesting exercise for me. More on that later….

4 thoughts on “‘TheoMedia’ now Becoming Available”

  1. Congrats brother! I will be picking up a copy. I expect to get it signed when i see you next…when you return from the other side of the pond.

  2. Excellent news Andy! It is a needed work arriving with lovely timing. Let’s do a blog swap soon and interview each other about our books, eh? We can roll around together in the necessary muck of self-promotion as we scourge ourselves in shame.

  3. Ill get the Kindle version. Looking forward to reading it. I’m proud of you brother and thankful for your faithfulness to the Lord

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