My friend Matt Godfrey (see our HR interview here) has just written, directed, and co-produced a short film called The Gospel of Quinn.

It will blow your mind.

Miranda and I have watched it three times this week (it is less than 10 minutes in length) and we keep finding more and more that intrigue us. I am amazed at how many careful, artistic details are jammed pack into the work.

The film is a dark commentary on the human quest for significance in a digital age. Elusive and suggestive, The Gospel of Quinn takes us into the secrets, fantasies, and heartbreaking longings of a young man who wants to be noticed and loved. To fulfill these desires, he creates a deceptive path online to lead people into admiring him. His self-engineered legacy becomes memorialized in the digital archives of the Internet.

Okay, that may already be too much. The film lends itself to multiple interpretations and deserves to be viewed without anymore commentary from me here. Let me just say, though, that I think The Gospel of Quinn is an outstanding piece for the classroom (whether secular or theological), for small group discussions, and for use even in worship services exploring related themes of religion and digital culture.


The Gospel of Quinn

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