I will take up where I left from the last blog post on Celebrity Culture and the Christian “speaking circuit” soon, but I found a worth quote to post.

I just preached at Kings Church Durham on the significance of reading and hearing Scripture.  I am also right in the midst of a 3-chapter section in my media book on God’s “textual and verbal media.”  So these issues are urgently on my heart on my mind… even more so than usual.

If you are interested, Kings Church’s website has a post I wrote on Practical Steps for Personal Bible Study.  In one of the first points, I am honest about the fact that the Bible is hard to read.  I think the more we are honest about that, the better prepared we will be to engage the Bible in all its richness and wonder.

On this idea of the Bible being wondrous, yet hard, I found this from M.E. Boismard in his preface to St. John’s Prologue [1]

It seems to us that there is nothing like wrestling with the difficulties of a text, to enable one to grasp its import and the slightest shades of meaning; and it may well be a good thing to have it brought home to us in a concrete fashion, that to understand the Bible it is not enough to open it and read it.  The Bible is not an easy book to read….



M.E. Boismard, St. John’s Prologue (tr. Carisbrooke Dominicans; London: Blackfriars, 1957), p. vii.

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