I’ve been taking care for all four kids since Wednesday while my wife visits Stratford-upon-Avon and London with her Dad.  Tonight, she is watching Les Misérables.   The girl deserves every second of leisure, and I am so pleased to manage the home for this 5-day span.  But today I am pretty worn down.  I’ve been writing early in the morning and at night before the start and end of the school day. Then I prepared a devotional for some of the leaders of my church here in England.

So tonight I decided I would not work—that is actually quite rare for me.  I am not very good with relaxing.

What should I do?  I decided I would watch Georgia football… ahhh.  That sounded nice.  But alas, the time difference!  So I just found the Alabama game online.

Right when I had the screen all aglow with SEC football, my cell phone buzzes with Miranda sending a text. Remember, she is in London seeing our favorite novel portrayed on stage with song….


Wife: Intermission and utterly speechless.  I am undone.  Nearly cried and sang out loud about 27 times. Simply undone.

Me: Oh Yeah? Well I’m watching Bama and SEC football.  So?

Wife, a few minutes later: I have you beat sucka, but yay for you. 


I love that girl.  Even though she is seeing Les Mis in London while I care for the kids and watch Alabama.

Oh wait! Alabama’s marching band is playing the theme from Phantom of the Opera from the stands!  This isn’t gonna be so bad….


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