Writing is revelatory.  At least at times.  I am often not sure what to write until I write.  The process itself seems to have the capacity to unlock or expose hidden thoughts, concealed reality.  In writing this book on media and theology, in writing sermons, in writing blog posts, I have learned to trust God in this process of writing.

And then at other times, writing is like cutting a trench through concrete with a stick.  Nothing gives. The page or screen may even get filled, but no secret passageway opens up.  No path appears amidst the mental brambles. And you mix metaphors.  Like in this paragraph.

The answer is to keep writing.  Writing as if one is slashing through the brush with a machete, searching for divine guidance as to where to go.  And then at other times the answer is to stop. To just stop and take a walk.

I am about to take a walk.

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