2 thoughts on “The Process of Missional Engagement (Part 3)”

  1. I would love to hear some of your answers to the questions you proposed. How do we properly share these photos via social media sites? Is it appropriate to snap photos because things look “weird” and people are doing something you’ve never seen before. I’ve been guilty of these things in my teen years. I definitely think we are called to work with our hands but perhaps we’ve missed in in our own back yards.

    1. Crystal, great question. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. Here are some ways I try to encourage those I lead:

      1) Ask permission before taking a photo. This alone goes a long way.
      2) Publicly share photos that cast “the poor” in a favorable light. Publicly share joyful photos, not sad ones.
      3) Don’t publicize a photo of someone unless you would do it of yourself, a friend, a family member. For example, part of my Haiti involvement is with malnourished children. I wouldn’t want someone taking and sharing a photo with strangers of my 4 month old little boy if he was sick. I want to extend that say courtesy to Haitians
      4) Think, think, think before you take a photo. This is especially true in the “shoot-now-think-later” spirit of digital cameras.

      I’m certainly not against photo/video documenting a mission trip experiences. But it has to be done with the highest sensitivity.

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