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In my last post, I wrote the following about my generation.  I love my wife’s response (see below) in conversation later that day….

Gen-X.  Do you hear the scandalous, threatening ring to that enigmatic, iconic letter, “X”?  Older generations watched us grow in dread and fascination… what type of future will they bring?  How will the world change when these Gen-Xers get their hands on the reigns of society’s future?  We were ready for our role of making a cultural splash.  Michael Stipe was singing of the end of the world and we all felt fine….

And now, our hair is thinning, we’re driving minivans and SUVs through elementary school drop-off lanes, we’re changing diapers, and trying to figure out how to pay mortgages and school loans.


Miranda replied wistfully (and perhaps with a touch of remorse): “Yeah, no one is scared of us Gen-Xers anymore.”


There’s nothing like thinning hair, bedraggled parenting and the invitation to your 20-year high school reunion to drain the hype out of your generational identity!  (But just for the record… I am loving my life-stage, end of the world or not.)

3 thoughts on “A Quick Note: Gen-Xers as scary no longer…”

  1. Great post. That’s pretty funny. Nobody’s scared of us anymore…not that they ever had a reason to be. =)

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