Dear Lord,

I present myself afresh as one pledged to your service, as one for whom You paid too much, as an unlikely prize for whom You decided to fight hard and to the very end to make Your own.  I confess my position as Your possession.  In response to your hard fought ownership over me, I reaffirm my loyalty.

Yet this stage in my life feels unreasonably demanding.  It seems to cost too much.  It feels overpriced.  In fact, perhaps I’ve taken the wrong cup from Your hand.  Maybe there was another one less bitter, even if less full.  Or perhaps You extended the right cup to the wrong person.  Its sweetness is so delightfully sweet… but its bitterness so distasteful.

Forgive me.  What I mean to say is that I present myself afresh as one pledged to Your service.  Your demands are not as unreasonable as the exorbitant costs expended to gain me, as if a squirming, half-loyal, temperamental servant could be so treasurable.

As one stumbling in the haze, help me to stumble forward.

In Jesus’ Name,



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