We Need Boring Christians

A lot of folks are finding their way to the blog via Relevant Magazine’s re-posting of an article I wrote in August called “We Need Boring Christians” (you can click on the link to the left to read it).  I thought it might be helpful to point interested readers to a new book written by a friend of mine that promotes to-the-death passion in mission service.  I just got the book for Christmas (thanks to my sweet wife!), so I have not yet had the chance to read it.  I can make the recommendation in confidence, though, because of my confidence in the author.

The basic gist is that Carissa has served over a decade as a missionary through some of the most daunting, deflating, and dangerous circumstances of anyone I know or have ever heard tell of.  Her life is indeed “biography-worthy” (a phrase I use in the Relevant article).  What she is doing in the book is offering the practical wisdom and missional vision that extends beyond the excitement of an energetic 20-something with an airline ticket in hand and a burning ambition to change the world.  To be clear, I love the iconic 20-something with that itinerary and uncontainable fire—not only have I been one, but I have worked with hordes of them during seven years of college ministry.  Carissa has been one, too, and she has hosted a great number of those passionate young folks as interns in her overseas ministry.  But passion alone is not thick enough as a resource when you are squirming in pain from malaria, wondering how you will offer breakfast to the abandoned kids under your care, and facing not only physical threats from fellow humans but spiritual threats from dark, supernatural powers. 

All at the same time.

This new book offers counsel on developing a passion that endures and sustains through heaps of pain and disillusionment.  Join me in giving it a read….

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