Below is the schedule for the weekly New Testament seminar at Durham University.  Note that there are discussions previewing two books that will likely become major works in their respective fields.  John Barclay will be presenting on Paul and Gift, and my supervisor, Francis Watson, will be presenting on Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective.  Many good Monday afternoons await!

10 October
Lionel Windsor, “Paul’s Redefinition of Jewish Identity (Romans 2:17-29)”

Wesley Hill, “Romans 4 and the Relational Divine Identity”

17 October 
Dr Benjamin Schliesser (University of Zurich), “The Dialectics of Faith and Doubt in Paul and James”

24 October 
Prof René Bloch (University of Bern), “Who was Philo of Alexandria? Tracing autobiographic passages in Philo” [n.b. 3.30-5.45]

31 October
Dr Simon Gathercole (University of Cambridge), “The Religious Outlook of the Gospel of Thomas

7 November 
Prof John Barclay, Paul and the Gift  (book preview)

14 November
Dorothee Bertschmann, “The Good, the Bad, and the State: What is the meaning of to agathon in Romans 13.1-7?”

Leonard Wee: “Features in Paul’s Summaries of OT Historical Narratives”

21 November              NO SEMINAR

28 November
Prof Lewis Ayres, “Grammar, Polemic and the Development of Patristic Exegesis 150-250” [paper to be distributed in advance]

5 December 
Dr Eddie Adams (King’s College London), “Were the Pauline Churches House Churches?”

12 December  
Prof Francis Watson, Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective (book preview)


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  1. That is a great lineup of topics! My prayers are with you and your family as you begin your studies.

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