By a stroke of magnanimity, I was able to get a MacBook Air just before moving to England for the PhD.  I did that Migration Assistant thing with my wife’s Mac, you know—that magical event by which apps and data are invisibly transferred from one piece of well-built machinery to another.  Well, the “migration” was a success, but Bibleworks will no longer open (I was using Crossover to open windows apps).

It looks like I will have to buy either an updated means of virtualization (I can’t believe I am writing about this stuff, as if I had an inkling as to what I am even doing with this tech stuff) or Accordance if I want to retain access to Biblical Studies software.

Any advice?  Is Accordance (at $349) worth it?  I have heard that some folks have trouble opening Bibleworks on Mac’s new Lion operating system.  Should I bother with this route to keep Bibleworks?

Eager to hear some responses….



2 thoughts on “Accordance or Bibleworks… Suggestions?”

  1. I read this week that VMware’s new Mac product “Fusion” is really good. There’s a free 30 day trial if you wanted to go that route. It’s $50 otherwise.

    I’m sure there will be a bit of initial time investment installing the virtual operating system especially since your Macbook Air doesn’t have a CD drive. Optionally, you could have someone build a preconfigured virtual operating system and send it to you. I may can build you one on Virtual PC that you can import into VMware. Let me know if that’s something you want to try.

  2. Hey Andy! Hope all is well in your studies. I will commend accordance to you as a user, I find it incredible helpful as do my profs. It has become a teaching tool for more than one of my bible profs. I as a beginning language student will say the features and modules are a tremendous help. It has been my favorite and most useful Christmas present ever, this isn’t hyperbole.

    I would love to answer any questions, and I hope this helps.

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