RELEVANT Mag: We Need Boring Christians

The folks at Relevant were kind enough post something I wrote on the idea of radical Christianity.  Please note that I am NOT trying to attack David Platt or his excellent book Radical.  The article just offers some warnings as we pursue Jesus with all our heart, mind and strength.

I drew on two previous blog posts for this piece at Relevant.  To read more beyond the article, you can read these posts: “The Un-Romance of Radical,” “The Dangers of ‘Radical’ Continued… Spiritualized Escapism.”

6 thoughts on “Article at Relevant on Radical Christianity”

  1. I’m involved in campus ministry in South Africa and it looks like all students are the same. Excellent article, prophetically tuned in and a read I’m recommending to our leaders.


  2. Thanks for your insight on this article. I really enjoyed it, and I am sure it helped many young frustrated folks asking why they are not doing something BIG. I know I was there.

  3. Thanks for this perspective. So many times I’ve heard people say they want to do work overseas, but don’t want to raise support, or don’t want to do the training. As a missionary wife of six years on a small island in Indonesia (it took 7 years for us to get here!), I’ve learned that you have to be willing to do the mundane, the tedious even in preparing for the more “radical” work of overseas ministry. But what good training it is for a life of changing lives through the mundane–discussions about kids and cooking over tea in a hot shack of a Muslim friend, preparing to teach English to neighborhood kids, etc, and yes, even figuring out how to pay bills or use the post office.

  4. This was the best article I have read on the topic of the mundane. After leaving my overseas assignment of 11 years and returning to America to be an ordinary “soccer mom” I have struggled with the mundane and seemingly trivial nature of my new assignment. I have also struggled to communicate the thoughts I have learning that you have articulated so well in your Relevant article. Thanks for helping me put my thoughts into words!

  5. I just heard you on Kresta in the Afternoon and was intrigued by the title of your blog. Interestingly, I had just been praying about my oh-so ordinary life. I’m a mother of three and my life is one of wiping faces, counter tops, hands and more. It’s a boring sort of life, but I’ve known for some time that it’s my own path to holiness. That said, I am still wistful at times, hoping for something radical. Your posts on being an ordinary rather than a radical Christian hit home. I found tears streaming down my face in a sort of acceptance (once again) of this simple, quiet life I have. My life is as ordinary as a bird soaring through the air on the same breeze that ripples the leaves of the tree next to my window. Yet, here I am where God has placed me doing what ordinary tasks He has given me. His love for me, however, is no ordinary Love.

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