Confessions of a new Author: I am worried over stuff I had hoped I would be above worrying about.  I am worried about the sales rank of my book at Amazon (yeah, every book has a sales rank—I’d never noticed it before).  I am worried if those who have worked to get the book published regret their investment.  I am worried (and this is so vain) about my blog stats.  As an author without a viable “platform” for marketing a book (that is, a pre-existent audience-base who will be inclined from the onset to buy whatever I might write), I find myself at the mercy of those strange shifts and waves that occur in public space (like the Internet, for instance) over which I have no control.

So it is of profound comfort when other folks in those public spaces champion your project or let you write about themes related to that project.  Here are some recent “sightings” of material related to Faith Without Illusions on the Internet….

Jesus Creed at Patheos: Beyond Cynicism I

Scot McKnight, NT Prof at North Park University and author (most recently) of One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow has been kind enough to begin a series on FWI at his well-respected blog, Jesus Creed (Click on the Patheos image to get the link to the 1st in the series on FWI).

Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology

My friend Jason Hood who blogs for SAET has also been kind enough to post some comments on FWI (again, click on the image to see the post).

Hope for Center-Stage Cynics (The Gospel Coaltion)

And The Gospel Coalition was gracious enough to publish an article about the cynicism of pastors.  This article came out of an earlier blog post here at Hopeful Realism where I describe my realization that I was writing FWI for pastors as much as for jaded 20- and 30somethings.

To those of you out there helping out with the book—THANKS.  I pray regularly that God will use the project as He sees fit, and I am striving for contentment in whatever the “stats” end up being.

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