Joel and I are pleased to announce that we will soon be posting an interview with Dr. Jason Byassee here at Hopeful Realism.  Byassee is a Research Fellow in Theology and Leadership at Duke Divinity School and has been directing their Center for Theology, Writing, and Media.  Joel and I are asking him about his plans to leave the academic setting of Duke for the pastorate.  We are excited about this conversation!

As a graduate of both Duke and Beeson Divinity Schools, I was pleased to see Byassee’s article on Beeson and Hodges Chapel at Duke’s Faith & Leadership e-zine.  You can see the article here.

Duke Divinity School
Beeson Divinity School / Caroline Summers


2 thoughts on “Jason Byassee on Beeson Divinity School”

  1. Just curious what your thoughts are on BDS? I am planning on entering seminary starting next summer/fall (2012) and BDS is at the top of my list. I was just really impressed with school when I visited. My e-mail is if you prefer to send it there. Hope to hear from you!

  2. Glad you asked about BDS (and sorry for the late reply!). I hold Beeson in very high esteem and would recommend it highly. But every seminary is different, of course, and some folks are a better fit at some rather than others. I would say that Beeson is evangelical, conservative, Calvinist-leaning, but not rigidly dogmatic to the point that it is “tribalistic.” I hope that helps….

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