"How to be a Realist Without Losing Your Soul"

I am so grateful for the folks at Relevant for posting another article.  This one is on  the idea of “Hopeful Realism,” the namesake of this blog and the main objective outlined in my book, Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint.

The challenge on writing on the topic of cynicism is that I will inevitably have cynical readers.  This is the idea and hope, of course—as a recovering cynic I am hoping to address this issue in those for whom cynicism is a daily reality.   But cynics are critics, so to write on cynicism is to invite a considerable degree of critical scrutiny, perhaps also to display a gluttony for punishment!  Even so, I certainly try in my writing to avoid oversimplified, over-reactive assaults on cynics.  I believe in the idea of a “cynic-saint,” that is the cynic in the redemptive process of healing and restoration for the sake of contributing (painfully gained) insights for the church.  I will be interested in reading the comment streams….

So, are you cynical toward God and the church?  I would love to hear glimpses of your story.  So post comments either here or at Relevant!

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