In the midst of storm damage of unprecedented proportions in my state, and in the midst of announcements about a clandestine raid in Pakistan, I received the profoundly less important news that mine and Joel’s blog was voted into the top ten biblioblogs for the month of April.  This came as a complete surprise.  I haven’t a clue as to how the process works (but thanks to Joel at Unsettled Christianity for giving me pointers as I enter the blogging world!).  Apparently, we have many others to thank as well.  So… thanks.  Sincerely, thanks for checking out the blog.  Thanks for paying some sort of attention to the works in progress.  Thanks for letting our noise ring a bit in your ears.

Here is the list from The Biblioblog Top 50‘s website.

1. James McGrath, Exploring Our Matrix
2. Daniel O. McClellan
3. James Bradford Pate, James’ Thoughts and Musings
4. Jim Davila, Paleojudaica
5. Andrew Byers and Joel Busby, Hopeful Realism
6. Stephen Douglas, Undeception
7. Various, Biologos
8. Kurk Gayle, Aristotle’s Feminist Subject
9. Kevin Brown, Diglotting
10. J. R. Daniel Kirk, Storied Theology

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