Joel Watts is open about the fact that he struggles with cynicism.  So it is quite daunting to know that such a sharp, theologically astute young man with cynical leanings is reading Faith Without Illusions.  His blog, Unsettled Christianity, is one of the most visited biblioblogs out there, and he cranks out multiple posts every day (unlike my 1 post every few days or so).  So his occasional (and positive) references to the book have been quite an honor to me.

But the reading is done.  He finished the book and took the time to write a lengthy review.  I learned a lot from Joel about my book while reading his comments.  This is one of those odd and mysterious elements of artistic labor, I suppose, that what you produce has somewhat of a liveliness of its own that can be expanded and deepened as others access it.  If you are interested in seeing the review, click here.

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