Cogito | Credo posted a review of Faith Without Illusions.  Again, reading reviews of my book is such a strange—yet usually satisfying—experience.  It is comforting to know someone actually took time to read what one has poured so much of his life into.  In many ways, my wife and I feel as if the book is like a 5th child—you want to show your precious little bundle off to both friends and strangers.  You want people you know to rejoice with you, and you want folks you’ve never met to notice the precious little thing out in public.  You want to hear their comments.  You want to hear their observations:  “He has your eyes;” “where did she get those beautiful long toes?”; “Oh, I love that red hair!”  Now, of course, my book is no way as significant a fruit in my life as any of my four children.  But there certainly is the sense for a newly published author that a tough gestational period and an intensive, overdrawn process of labor has occurred.  But whereas it is natural and totally legitimate to show off your newborn child, it feels so weird and pretentious to show off your newly released book.

All that to say, it is nice to have someone read the book and make comments about it.  So thank you, Credo | Credo.

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Review of FWI

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