After providing links to my articles on God & Natural Disasters in the previous post, I found myself in the lower belly of my home with my wife and kids listening to one of those outdated relics from a bygone era—a “boom box.”  We were tracking the weather reports.  “Tornadic,” said the meteorologist.


Do you hear the violence tucked into the syllabic sounds as you enunciate the word?

Definition: “relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a tornado.”

So with three online articles about God and natural disasters circling about in cyberspace, these God-awful storms circled and twirled and tilled and killed in the Southeast.  The lady sitting near my table at a coffee shop just said she lost a friend to the storms.

The God I worship once spoke to a man from out of a tornado.  When God answered Job’s demands for an answer, God did not speak in the sweet, gentle whisper of a comforting breeze.  He spoke out of the churning, feral madness of a whirlwind (Job 38:1).

I am not saying God was in the whirlwinds last night.  But as a guy with articles offering a theological response to natural disasters on the Internet and tornadic winds rip-roaring just to the north and south of my home, I felt kind of responsible… responsible to give an account of sorts.  Responsible to say something wise and theologically helpful in response to the whirlwinds.

I think I’ll just do what Job did and lay my hand on my mouth… now.

(…while muttering though closing lips a prayer for the injured and the bereaved…)

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