Miranda and I were so pleased to find this review of my book, Faith Without Illusions, over at a blog devoted to inspiring the spiritual maturity of Christian men in the church—TheMakingofMen.com.

It is an intimidating exercise to read words others have written about my own written words.  In this case, however, I was very encouraged because the review seems to capture well what I am hoping to convey in the book.  The review is also very well-written, which I greatly appreciate.  I do not know these guys, but I am thankful for the time the reviewer, Adam McCune, devoted to reading and writing about the book.

One thought on “Review of Faith Without Illusions at TheMakingofMen.com”

  1. What a lovely review! It brings up some thought-provoking points, so I look forward to going to the source myself and reading your book, Andy.

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