I am avoiding any comments on the whole controversy erupting across the blogosphere re: Rob Bell until I actually read his book.  But I really appreciated this post by my friend and co-worker Joel Busby.  Good stuff.  And I pretty much agree with his preliminary take on all the goings on related to Bell’s new book.


2 thoughts on “Heaven & Bell: Joel Busby on “The Rob Bell Thing””

  1. That was a short and excellent post on the topic. Tell Joel the thoughts are appreciated. (I didn’t see where I could comment on the blog). I think the celebrity issues are in play big time. So is ecclesiology. What kind of authority does one have to charge someone with heresy without a particular church or an authoritative confession? Are a coalition of bloggers really able to mount a convincing case? Us evangelicals are so dependent on para-church ministries and big name pastors that we don’t have the resources to deal with issues of unity and heresy that more formal church structures…I think.

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