In a recent post a wrote I presented an interpretation of the cover design in Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint.  I was so thrilled when I noticed that Cindy Kiple, the cover’s designer, actually offered a comment!  It kind of felt as though someone famous entered the cyber-stage unexpectedly.  Though you could read her comment under the earlier post, I wanted to give her words a little more of a spotlight:

You nailed it on the creative process with this cover design. When I found the guy in white moving down the road but looking back as if a bit reluctant I thought, “Bingo! That guy is a “cynic-saint”! I added the church building to the image for the very reasons you articulated and I played with the color and contrast in the whole picture to get that “grim but hopeful” feeling.

I’m so glad that you like the design! And though I do design a lot of covers, I don’t forget them! And I have my favorites, of which this is one. Blessings! Cindy

When you are a no-name, first-time author and folks give this kind of labor-intensive focus on your stuff, then it means a lot.  “Grim but hopeful.”  I like the sound—and look—of that.  Thanks, Cindy…..

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