UCF has a rich history of creating music.  The latest project is called “Sing On” which is a collection of original songs (and a reworked hymn) by students in the UCF community.  I knew the CD would be amazing because I know each of the artists and because I have so much respect for Jordan Holsombeck, the creative mind behind all the production.  But when I actually got to hear the tunes in my little truck, I was astonished beyond expectation.  This CD is incredible.  If you are in Birmingham, come to the CD Release Concert at the UCF House (see website for directions) this Thursday at 8:00.  The $8 admission fee will get you a CD at the concert’s end.  The funds will go to the UCF summer mission trip to Haiti.

The production of this CD and the upcoming release of my book has stirred afresh in me a swirling cloud of thoughts on the intersection of Art & Theology.  Theology yields art—it must, because responding to the richness of theological realities require higher forms of expression.  And art can produce theology—true beauty always derives from God.  I am moved by the fact that one of the songs on the new CD was written after a sermon my friend Joel Busby preached at UCF.  His sermon endures through the art to which it eventually contributed.

I love that.  So sing on….


(To check out Sing On at iTunes, click here).

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