I just began a sermon series at UCF (www.ucfbirmingham.org) on “Myths & Cliches of Christian Spirituality” and I plan to post my summary reflections on each myth here at Galadriel’s Mirror.

The foundational material for these “myths” began coming together for me during my second year in campus ministry at Gardner-Webb University.  I was noticing more and more how students were operating out of false notions about God and about themselves, false notions that I readily recognized since I had struggled so much with them myself.  So I preached a message one night at “The Verge” (our weekly worship service) on “The 7 Myths of Christian Spirituality.”

These “myths” were so familiar to me because, under their varied influences, I had years previously found myself stuck on the other side of the world on a wild hare journey that did not end with quite the spiritual lustre for which I had aspired. The awakening was quite rude.

Since that sermon at GWU, I have been writing on these myths, hoping to assemble my thoughts creatively and effectively enough to… well, to piece together something publishable.  And I am still working on to that end….

I will began posting brief synopses of these myths each week as I preach through them at the UCF worship services.

Feedback is enthusastically invited!


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